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About us


We, your hostesses, Beatrice und Agnes, are glad to welcome you at our home.


Beatrice Hoegerle, born in 1962,
commercial employee, from Basel, languages: D/F/E/P
Agnes Wick,
born in 1963,
typographer, from Thurgau, languages: D/F/E/P

...moved in summer 2010 from Frick, Switzerland, to São Miguel, Azores.

Our main ambition is: Satisfied and happy guests, having fun during their holidays  -  and being good hostesses to them!

Our „company" and our family are composed of:

our two seniors Farouche and Xantia. They are responsible for mousing…

Ginger, all our guests‘ little darling…..

Ludwig is responsible for barking and guarding….

...and Aisha, our youngest member, makes a big impression as cão de fila de São Miguel...

As all our staff is proficient, the responsibles of the „company" can take it ease once in a while.


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