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São Miguel


São Miguel

The Azores which belong to Portugal consists of 9 volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic between Europe and America.
São Miguel, the largest island, offers many sights worth seeing.
Ponta Delgada, the harbourtown on the South coast, hast modern hotels and a new port which therefore corresponds to large cities.

One of the highlights of São Miguel (also ideal for hiking) are the idyllic crater lakes of Lagoa Verde near Sete Cicadas and that of Lagoa do Fogo.

The island is a dream for each geocacher. In the most important sightseeings you will certainly find a „box". Hiking in the wonderful nature, to the cascades, caverns, along the crater rims  -  and this connected with caches  -  is an unique experience. As a  premium member, we can help you resolving the mystery and translating the listings by giving you informations about the most beautiful caches.

There are two Golf Courses. Batalha is 20 minutes drive from our house. This amazing 27-hole course lies on a significantly historical ground, which is also the longest course in Portugal.
Bob Cameron created three 9-hole courses which can be played in various combination. 18 holes are played at a time with 72 par.
What's outstanding here are the large Fairways and excellent Greens.
Furnas Golf Course on the East coast has also 18 holes.

Further sights worth seeing:
The climb to this church, Ermida da Nossa Senhora da Paz near Vila Franca do Campo, would certainly test your fitness.

To relax, the following hot springs and natural pools are welcoming.


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